CINEMA CONSCIENCE meets monthly via Zoom video conference.

Twenty four members across eight disciplines attend:

• 3 screenwriters

• 3 producers

• 3 directors

• 3 cinematographers

• 3 production designers

• 3 costume designers

• 3 editors

• 3 composers

Each member addresses the collective in a 3-4 minute presentation.  She or he will:


1.  Introduce himself/herself.

2.  State his or her filmmaking discipline.

3.  State his or her reason for attending.

4.  Present his or her work or experience.


We move from one member to the next until everyone has a chance to address the collective.

No questions or comments are permitted during the presentations.


Examples listed by discipline:



• Members must stick to the four point format.

• Screenplay pitches must be for completed screenplays.  Incomplete screenplays may not be presented.

• Producers and directors presenting with the goal of acquiring crew must have budgetted projects and

funding sources.  Productions with zero funding or with "potential" funding may not be presented.

• Presented work must be online.  Showing reels, short clips, images, or designs are encouraged.

Utilizing platforms such as Vimeo, YouTube, or personal websites are encouraged.

• Members must present in one discipline only and for one project only at each meeting.  If members

wish to present in another discipline or wish to present another production, they may attend another meeting.




• Reels or clips must not exceed 3 minutes in total running time.  At 3 minutes, media will be cut short.

• Screenplay pitches must not exceed 2 minutes.  At 2 minutes, pitches will be cut short.

• Members should aim for a total presentation time of 3-4 minutes.  Members will be asked to wrap things up at 4

minutes.  Members will be cut short at 4 minutes 30 seconds.


After our twenty-four attendees have addressed the collective, the formal section of the meeting is completed.


If any participants have any outstanding questions, or need clarification on something, such as getting the proper contact information from another participant, we will open up the "floor" for 5-10 minutes.  After that, the meeting is finished.


Members are encouraged, on their own time, to contact others they might like to work with, hire, or collaborate with.  This is the ultimate goal.

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